Man pleads guilty for stealing 200 liters of Atchar


It is a well-known fact that many South African's are insanely in love with homemade atchar, but what Mzwandile did took us by surprise!


For those of you who do not know, atchar is a homemade pickle that has perfectly cut pieces of preserved green mangoes mixed with all the best spices and oils to bring the best mouth-watering flavor to your meal. It is also known that Musi Atchar makes the most mouth-watering atchar in the continent, and we dare you to try it out.


On Tuesday, 18 October 2021, a man named Mzwandile was caught red-handed by the police with his face deep in a bucket of atchar.


Gogo Mavis says she heard a strange noise coming from her Kota shack in the early morning hours. Because she is such a hero, instead of running away and calling for help, she grabbed her broomstick and gripped it tightly with all the muscles she grew from eating Musi Atchar.


She slowly walked up to her shack, ready to discipline the burglar stealing her hard-earned money, only to find the s from next door, Mzwandile, eating away at her atchar stock.


She immediately felt weak as she saw more than 20 buckets of atchar were open, and it was evident that Mzwandile had dug through all of them. 


Poor Gogo began shouting at Mzwandile but seeing how full he was, she knew her words were falling on deaf ears accompanied by satisfied tastebuds. She then called the police, who locked the boy up.


At his last court case, when the judge asked Mzwandile why he committed the crime, his answer was as follows, 


"Your honor, Mina dala ngi cela ugogo iatchar and ugogo bengafuni so your honor I was honetly tired of always hearing my friends go on about how delicious it is knowing very well that I could not get it. So your honor, one day, I told myself that I would break in and just try one spoon of this popular atchar. Little did I know your honor that amaHorris a zo ngi phatha, and I couldn't stop eating your honor."


So in closing, your Honour, I'm guilty mara ke jile ke jile!






(please note that the story above is completely false and does not represent an event or incident that occurred in real life. However, we want to say that our atchar is incredibly mouth-watering and could make one act like Mzwandile!)