Musi atchar

SA's Winning Atchar!

Atchar is a pickle loved and enjoyed by many different people worldwide. Although the manufacturing process is similar across the board, some culinarians still make it in an extremely mouth-watering manner!

We have tried and tasted several atchar variations, and from our experience and research, this atchar seems to be the one everyone cannot resist!

Why People Love It

From the comments we have read about the atchar, it seems like its winning factor is that it not only claims to be a homemade atchar like many others we find out there, but it also tastes like one! 

It has crunchier mango peels from fresher mangoes, a unique spice blend from an ancient family recipe, and fewer preservatives keeping the taste pure and original!

The Incredible History

According to the Musi Atchar website, it all started in 1908 when their family settled on a small mango farm in Makhado (Venda).  Not knowing what to do with all the mangoes, their late great-great-grandmother started experimenting with them, trying to find a way to make them the perfect add-on to meals. 

Different spices and mango textures were tried and tested, and after a while, she stumbled on the secret mouth-watering Musi Atchaar Recipe, which the family enjoyed for years!

The atchar was constantly enjoyed at weddings, gatherings, dinners, and other events, but the family was always asked for the recipe or bottles that their guests could take home and enjoy later.

Only in 2021 did the family agree that it was time to allow the world to enjoy this unique recipe and indulge whenever the craving hit.

Knowing that their atchar is distinct from the rest, they wanted a unique way to sell it and keep them away from store shelves where they would sit close to the other atchars available in the market.

The family opened their own online store and plans to open their own Delicacy Food boutiques soon.


Whether it is lunch with important guests or trying to impress your new partner, add Musi Atchar to the mix, and we guarantee you, YOU WON'T go wrong ;-)

musi homemade mango atchar - Musi Foods - Musi Atchar
musi homemade mango atchar - Musi Foods - Musi Atchar

Musi Atchar

R 120.00

Looking for the perfect flavor for your meal?

Musi Atchar is a homemade pickle that has perfectly cut pieces of preserved green mangoes, mixed with all the best spices and oils to bring the best mouth-watering flavor to your meal.

Honestly speaking, this atchar goes with almost everything from Braai Vleis to Mogodu, and even back to Pasta-aladada-kin, you could never go wrong with an extra spoon of Musi Atchar!

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