My best friend used Atchar as 'Korobela' on my husband!

musi Atchar uyajola 9/9 korobela
African people believe that the Earth is the bearer of various herbs and plants that can be used to heal, strengthen and destroy people.

Traditionally, when a person would fall sick in the olden days, they would be sent to a traditional healer who knew all about the herbs of life or 'muthi.'

Over the years, many traditional healers expanded their knowledge and used various herb mixtures to create powerful love potions called "Korobela.' These potions became extremely popular amongst the women in the villages as they would use them to make men fall in love with them, marry them, and ensure that their husbands never left them for any other women.

As times have changed and people have migrated more towards the cities, many have lost touch with their cultural side and have stopped consulting traditional healers for help. Morden doctors and medicine now solve the problem we face, but there is still one problem that our doctors of today are still unable to solve: love.

Themba is a very popular guy who stays in Midrand. After getting his first job as an IT specialist, he immediately upgraded his life, and all the women fell in love with Themba.

His wife, Refliwe, did not appreciate all the attention he was getting and how all the women in their complex were going on about how they would like a night with him or go on a never-ending drive in his new Midnight Blue GTi!

Refliwe would always express her sorrows to her best friend, who also happened to have a massive crush on Themba.

While crying her eyes out one afternoon, Refilwe's best friend offered to drive Refilwe home and cook supper for her family while she tried to regain her strength and do the bit of work her boss gave her.

Once the food was ready, the best friend took out a small bottle of Musi Atchar and sprinkled some on Themba's food.

The night went well as they all drank wine together and shared a few childhood stories. As Refilwe looked outside, she realized that it was very late, and because of curfew, her friend could not go home that night. She offered her the couch and gave her a warm blanket, and she and her husband went to bed.

During the night, Themba could not stop twisting and turning. Images of Refilwe's best friend kept flashing in his head, and no matter what he did, he could not get her beautiful face out of his mind.

As he tried to tiptoe to the bathroom to try and wash his face, his eyes met a sight he had never seen before!

The atchar began working on him even more, and he could not resist the temptation!

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Making people fall in love again!

(please note the story above is false and does not represent any real characters or a real-life situation. It is known that mangoes and atchar spice do act as aphrodisiacs, but we cannot confirm the validity of that statement and do not recommend that our mouth-watering atchar be used for such a purpose lol)