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"Many South African's do not believe that Tokoloshes exist, and to be honest, I was never going to go out to the public and confess that I own a Tokoloshe, but after it ate my atchar, I could never forgive it!" - Zanele Mashabela

Zanele Mashabela's Story

When we first heard this story, we did not know whether to laugh about it or investigate the issue further but it kept ringing in our heads and we, just like you, knew we had to find out more.

After going back and forth with Zanele, she finally invited us to her house and told us she would prove that her tokoloshe does exist.

We arrived at her residence in Alexandre around 6pm, and she told us that there were a few rituals we would have to perform for us to see her tokoloshe at midnight.

After all the rituals, she went to the bathroom and came out with a brown substance which we had to rub around our eyes in the shape of glasses. She told us the substance would allow the tokoloshe to be visible to our eyes.

We had been there all day and performed all the rituals as she requested, and we were not going to give up now after so much effort and work, so we took the brown substance, as smelly as it was, and did as she said.

When midnight hit, she started chanting and dancing in her kitchen, and there it was! Shortie in the flesh!

We were stuck with disbelief and immediately fell off our chairs, trembling with fear.
Zanele quickly instructed us to calm down and get back onto our seats; otherwise, we would anger Shortie.

Once the situation was calm and we could breathe again, Zanele explained all the powers Shortie possed but she told us that even though he had helped her gain riches and scare her enemies away, she had to end her relationship with him immediately!

One night she went to bed and left her favorite atchar on the table, eager to eat it with her breakfast the next day.

While she was sleeping, Shortie saw the atchar and could not resist it. He said that in every house Zanele had sent him to, there was always a bottle of this fantastic atchar, and every family seemed to enjoy it! So he opened the bottle and figured that he would try it out for himself.

The plan was only to have one spoon, but jeez, he could not stop! He ate the whole bottle and even drank the oil on the inside. He knew Zanele would be upset if she woke up to an empty bottle of atchar, so he quickly went to Abo My Friend and refiled her bottle ka atchar ya mpama.

Unfortunately, Zanele caught him in the act and swore to never forgive him for what he had done!

Musi Homemade Atchar

Top Rated Homemade Atchar

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musi homemade mango atchar - Musi Foods - Musi Atchar
musi homemade mango atchar - Musi Foods - Musi Atchar

Musi Atchar

R 120.00

Looking for the perfect flavor for your meal?

Musi Atchar is a homemade pickle that has perfectly cut pieces of preserved green mangoes, mixed with all the best spices and oils to bring the best mouth-watering flavor to your meal.

Honestly speaking, this atchar goes with almost everything from Braai Vleis to Mogodu, and even back to Pasta-aladada-kin, you could never go wrong with an extra spoon of Musi Atchar!

Musi homemade atchar and mango pickle
Musi homemade atchar and mango pickle

(please note that the story above is completely false and does not represent an event or incident that occurred in real life. However, we want to say that our atchar is incredibly mouth-watering and could make one act like Shortie!)

Article credit : Modikoe Musi (

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