Mogodu Monday Recepie

Quick Mogodu Monday Recipe


Mala Mogodu, Tripe, Umgxabiso or also commonly known as Usu, is a dish enjoyed by many South African's who have had the privilege to indulge in various African Delicacies. 

Different myths and legends will tell you where the dish originally came from, but we as South African's know for a fact that no one can make the dish better than us!

Here is a mouth-watering recipe you could use to prepare yourself a hot Mogodu pot that can be served with Musi Foods' homemade Atchar 


YIELDS: 4 Servings

Difficulty: 4/10

PREP TIME: 10 mins

COOK TIME: 2 hrs 50 mins


Ingredients Needed:

To begin the process, you will need the following Ingredients:

1 kg Tripe

 1 Onion ((Finely chopped))

 1 Green Pepper (Finely chopped) - optional 

 2 Stock Cubes (You can use beef, chicken, or mutton stock cubes - Any works)

 ½ tsp Salt


1 Musi Atchar 

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Lets Begin

Step 1

Place tripe in a large bowl/sink and run the tap while cleaning it as thoroughly as possible with your hands


Add the cleaned tribe into a pot and add water until the entire tripe is covered. Switch the stove on and let the water boil.


Once boiling, turn down the heat and allow to simmer for 2 hours with the pot closed.


Add your chopped onion, green pepper, stock cubes, and salt to the pot. Leave the pot to simmer for an additional 45 minutes.


Serve and enjoy hot! 

To make the meal even better, add 2 spoons of Musi Foods mouth-watering Atchar!

 For those of you who want to have your mogodu with pap but do not want to spend hours on the stove making it, check out our quick and easy pap recipe now! 


Avhashoni Marwala

This is my favorite meal. Mogodu and pap. Atchaar is included in all my meals. I love atchaar so much that i have explored many different kinds of atchaar to date, but i can tell you Musi atchaar is the best even as salad.


Monate twaaaaa!!

Bonakele Kunene

Usu My Fav🔥🔥🔥🔥I can just imagine paired with My Fav atchaar

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